What is a Welcome Fair?

Here's what you can expect from our Welcome Fairs!

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Welcome Fairs are big events that happen on each of the three campuses during the Welcome period. The Welcome period takes place during the first couple of weeks where students arrive at Uni.

What can I expect at a Welcome Fair?

Your Union: We'll be there! So you can ask us any questions you might have.

Merch: You can buy University of Greenwich official merchandise.

Societies: Student led groups focusing on faith, academic, hobbies, politics, and so much more!

Sports clubs: Find out about clubs like Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cheer.

University stalls: There are a number of University groups such as the Staff and Student Choir, and the Sustainability team who you can get involved with.

Commercial stalls: In the past we've had a big IKEA bus, Dominos giving out free pizza and other big brands come to campus. They want to tell you about their services and often they give out great freebies. 

When are Welcome Fairs taking place?

Check our webpage out greenwichsu.co.uk/welcome/events

Welcome Fair - Avery Hill - University of Greenwich | Facebook

Welcome Fair - Greenwich campus - University of Greenwich | Facebook

Welcome Fair at Medway

What if I miss the Welcome Fairs?

You can still join our student groups even if you miss the fair, just find them on our website and get in touch.




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