The Medway Student Forum is the best opportunity for the students at Medway to come together to prioritise and discuss the issues that students care about.

Chaired by our lead Officers from Greenwich and Kent, the purpose is to outline the issues and collectively suggest ways to improve them. You talk, we listen, we act.

Attending and participating in the Medway Student Forum is open to all students. Any student can also submit an agenda item to be discussed at the meeting. Discussions and decisions outline the course of action for staff and the lead officers to focus on to enhance your student experience.

Our Action Log from last year's Student Forums will be updated here soon! In the meantime, check out the information below about how the forum works...

Role of Forum and Members

1.  To reflect on the views of your peers.

2.  To give student feedback you receive to the Forum.

3.  Identifying problems, analysing issues and shaping solutions.

4.  To participate in reflective and informed discussion, leading to decision making.


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