Part of one of our Student Groups? You can nominate yourself and vote for the next Student Group Leaders!

Any member of Medway group from University of Greenwich or University of Kent can get involved.

Canterbury Christ Church Student? Unfortunately, you cannot run for one of these positions or vote. However, you can join any Medway Club or Society.

If you have any queries about these elections, email us at

Student Group Elections are run by Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) who run The Hub and Medway Student Groups on behalf of GSUKent Union and Christ Church Students' Union. 

Key dates

29th April, 12pm

Nominations open

19th May, 12pm

Nominations close

23rd May, 12pm

Voting opens

30th May, 12pm

Voting closes


What can I run for?

We are electing Student Group Leaders for our Clubs and Societies.

These are the Committee members of Sports Clubs, Societies and Academic Societies.

You will need to be a member of the group you are applying to.

All of our groups at GSU are student-led and you will work with others to lead your activity. Societies typically have a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Sports Clubs often have additional roles of leadership within them.

All roles are voluntary, and are supported by staff at GSU throughout the year.

Why should I run?

  Develop and enhance your employability and CV

  Receive training from Greenwich Students’ Union staff

  Provides you a platform to empower the lives of others

  Take an active role in the student community and meet new people

  A truly unique experience to go alongside your studies

  An exciting experience getting students to vote for you


No elections are currently running


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