Officer end of Term updates

Find out what your GSU Officers have been up to this Term.


Your GSU Officers are elected to represent all students at the University of Greenwich. The GSU Officers support the members of Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) and Greenwich students studying at the Medway campus through GKSU. 

The GSU Officers have had an 'unprecidented' year to deal with, but deal with it they have. Adapting to working from home and on campus, they've experienced what it's like to have a blended working model. Whilst there have been less opportunities to see students face to face this term, you will have seen the Officers pop up on social media for live videos before GSU Welcome and around key campaigns.

So what have Bilal, Mayo, Niel and Zoë been up to this term? Let's find out.

GSU President - Bilal Ijaz

During the COVID-19 panademic, Bilal has pushed forwards on #GreenwichCares to ensure that students felt safe on campus. This is in addition to leading on a survey to check what students think of the quality of learning with the blending teaching approach. 

What else has Bilal been up to?

  • International student support
  • Showcasing COVID safe facilities
  • Avery Hill project
  • Academics and Champions
  • Alumni and employability

#Mayo's Moments

A big project for Mayo this year was planning Black History Month 2020, in what has been an incredibly important year for the Black community. This year's event series was in dedication to Chadwick Boseman and was focused around Black Excellence. Mayo has also been the Medway lead for GSU, focusing on how we support students on this campus. Here's a few more things Mayo's been working on.

  • Ensuring Faith spaces were open
  • Medway bus
  • Medway Have Your Say Day
  • Officer visibility
  • Pier Quays WiFi issues

#Niel's Deal

Sustainability has been a huge part of Niel's work this year and Green Week was planned in conjunction with the University to ensure that everyone at Greenwich could go Green. This follows onto Green Christmas, which is a new project to ensure students are aware of the ways they can be environmental friendly during the festive period.

Niel's also been working on:

  • Social Media policy review 
  • Bye-Laws review
  • Academic regulations reviewing the no detriment approach
  • Preserving technical extenuation for online exams
  • Representing GSU at the Office for Students' National Student Survey review and SU roundtable

#Empowering You 

Zoë has been up to a lot since June, focusing on empowering the student voice. Currently, she is working on Disability History Month, which is a brand new venture for Greenwich Students' Union.

Zoë's also been working on:

  • Liberation Forums
  • Social mobility pledge
  • Planning SHIFT Conference
  • BAME Awaring Gap
  • Panel Representation

All the GSU Officers have been working and taking part in the following:

  • Decolonising campaign
  • Welcome 2020
  • Blended learning
  • Academic offence panels
  • Induction talks and videos
  • Recruitment panels
  • Scrutiny Panel
  • Student Assembly
  • Responses to key events
  • COVID-19 Impact Survey
  • Officer inductions
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