NUS Independent investigation into antisemitism - Call for evidence

The National Union of Students (NUS) are asking for evidence for the investigation into antisemitism within their organisation.

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The National Union of Students (NUS) are asking for evidence for the investigation into antisemitism within their organisation. The independent investigation was announced in May.

NUS was founded in 1922 and works on behalf of students and students’ unions. They are known for their campaigning work which has resulted in a number of changes within higher and further education. Greenwich Students’ Union is a member of NUS. Our affiliation gives us access to training, support, networks, advice and assistance with our commercial services. You can find more information about NUS’ services and opportunities here.

The investigation follows accusations earlier this year against a newly elected NUS Officer and concerns about the wider organisation. The NUS Board announced the investigation to look into concerns raised.

At GSU, we oppose antisemitism in all its forms, and we are committed to supporting our Jewish students. We welcome the decision to launch an independent inquiry and we would encourage interested members to submit to the call for evidence which is open into July.

If you have any questions or need any further support contact us via our Advice Service.

Read on for more details about the investigation, and how to submit evidence.


More about the investigation

They have been asked to consider matters which have arisen since an NUS inquiry into antisemitism in 2005. NUS worked closely with the Union of Jewish Students to make the appointment of the investigation leader, and to agree what the investigation will cover [link to ToR].

The purpose of the investigation is to enable the NUS Board of Directors to understand:

- Whether the NUS has breached its duties under law or under its own policies in relation to Jewish students; and

- Otherwise conducted itself in an antisemitic manner or failed Jewish students.

- To recommend any appropriate sanctions and other actions, including restorative actions that NUS should take, and identify any required lesson learning.

The investigation was announced in May, and the call for evidence is now open until 7th July 2022.


How to submit evidence to the NUS investigation

Any interested parties, including individual students, are invited to submit evidence to or by post to;

Independent Investigation

PO Box 707


SK10 9BE

Any submission, whether by email or hard copy will be accessed only by the independent investigating team.

Submissions should contain the following;

- the dates of each matter giving rise to concern, 

- details of who from the NUS is thought to be involved (and why, if not obvious), 

- information about where and when the matters occurred (whether in person or online),

- and details of any evidence available (ideally attaching it to the submission if available or providing a link to where it can be found online).


Concerns may be raised anonymously; however it may be difficult or impossible to investigate fully any such concerns (in particular if it is not possible to seek corroboration of the allegation without revealing the source). If you are unsure about whether you wish to be treated anonymously, please note this when raising your concerns so that it can be discussed further with the independent investigating team where necessary. No individual complainants will be named in the Final Report.

This investigation is not a statutory inquiry. The investigator has no power to summon witnesses if they do not wish to appear or submit evidence. 

For more detailed information about the investigation, please visit any of the following links (both open in new tabs/windows):



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