Men's Health Awareness Month - UoG Rugby FC support Movember!

Get to know from UoG Rugby FC about their strong connection to Movember as they work to support each other on and off the field.

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UoG Rugby FC players

We at University of Greenwich Rugby FC are proud supporters of Movember. 

We at the UGRFC feel a strong connection to Movember as we work to support each one of our brothers on and off the field. Men have been stereotyped and culturally forced into bottling their emotions; phrases like “man up” and “men don’t cry” lead the notion that sharing your thoughts and feelings is an unmasculine thing to do. Within sports, especially rugby, the stereotypes are magnified as there is a spotlight on physicality, ability, and “mental toughness”, which can reduce individuals to these qualities. Men will bury their troubles for the sake of masculinity, or the standards set by society resulting in 60 men worldwide taking their lives every hour.1  

At the UGRFC we see each other as family and knowing the difficulty one of us could be facing, knowing the rates at which men are victims of the silence and societal pressure, we take every step to change the dynamic around men’s mental health and spare no effort in supporting Movember. 

We will again be fundraising for Movember this year to show our support, we will also be spreading awareness by promoting physical activity, openness, and of course, growing out our ‘taches and running 60km, 1km for every male that takes their own life in an hour. 


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