Meet Sodiq, one of your new GSU Officers!

Introducing your 2023/24 GSU Officer team - Sodiq

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GSU Officer Sodiq

Meet Sodiq! One of your new GSU Officers - interviewed and written by Chessie Dowdeswell


Sodiq is an International student from Nigeria and is in his third year of studying Business Economics. He is compassionate, level-headed, and determined to give students a voice in these trying times. 

Sodiq appreciates everything about Greenwich, from the Cutty Sark to Stockwell Street Library. It is this love for Greenwich, its university and its students that drives him to make the student experience as good as it can be.  


This year, I’m fully ready to take on challenges and solve problems,” says Sodiq. Having previously studied accounting in Nigeria, he has experience as the social director of the department there. It is this experience that means Sodiq knows the unique obstacles International students face when navigating a new educational system. 

“Education is different in Nigeria. We don’t do essays - we only write exams. So, when I try to speak to many Nigerian students, they aren’t used to writing 2000 - 3000 words.” 

Because of this, Sodiq aims to provide more information for International students including workshops to help students improve their writing skills. Along with this, Sodiq wants to organise more events for International students to share their cultures all while advocating for their welfare. This year, we will be able to see a Greenwich that is more diverse and collaborative than ever before. 


Sodiq is also aware of the ongoing struggles created by the Cost-of-Living crisis in the UK. “Everybody is being affected by the Cost-of-Living crisis. The voices of International students are not being heard enough. I will be able to help as a GSU Officer.” To help students in need, Sodiq will advocate for more affordable and accessible resources for students on campus. These goals range from free sanitation products for students who need them and a more diverse, healthy and affordable menu on campus. International students especially will be able to find support within the Greenwich Students’ Union now and into the future.  


The thing Sodiq is most passionate about is student well-being. He wants to raise awareness of mental health and ensure that those services are available to students who need them. For example, Sodiq is concerned about how students cope with the stresses of university life. “People need help finding the balance between work and study, I want to help support them through that.” Through this, Sodiq will improve our community with his ongoing determination and positive attitude. If you ever have any questions about balancing work and study, the GSU will be available to support and advise you.  


With another year and another set of challenges on the horizon, Sodiq wants to strengthen the communication between students and the Greenwich Students’ Union. So, he will ensure he is approachable and transparent. “I want to be someone you can talk to about anything. Send me an email. I’ll be there to answer you. I will be someone you can trust and rely on anytime.” If you ever have any questions or concerns, Officers like Sodiq are available to help.  

We wish Sodiq the best of luck for the upcoming year!


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