Meet Laziz, one of your new GSU Officers!

Introducing your 2023/24 GSU Officer team - Laziz

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GSU Officer Laziz

Meet Laziz, one of your new GSU officers - interviewed and written by Andrea Ulibarrena-Mendez


Born in Uzbekistan and raised in the UAE, Laziz is a third-year Marketing and Management student at the University of Greenwich. Throughout his time here, he has noticed many aspects he would like to help improve. “I feel like there are many changes that I want to make in the university, from the education perspective to the learning environment, resources provided by the university, and overall student experience,” he says. This inspired him to run to be an Officer. 


He is the Vice President of the Islamic Society, and meeting the needs of all religious students is something he feels very passionately about. “The main reason I wanted to run for the GSU officer position was for students of faith,” he says. “We were getting a lot of complaints from students that they don’t have proper prayer facilities in Avery Hill and Medway campuses.” Fixing this issue and ensuring all students of faith have the facilities they need is high on his agenda for the upcoming year. 


One of his main goals as a GSU Officer is to ensure all students have the best experience they could have. “I promised many students that I will work to enhance the student experience, by advocating for improvements to campus facilities and services,” he says, “as well as by promoting the development of extracurricular activities and events that foster a sense of community and belonging amongst students." 

 “I’m excited to see the changes I’m going to make!” 


When asked what message he would like to give students, he emphasised the importance of working collaboratively to improve the university experience for everyone. “If we work together, we can make a lot of changes in the university to improve our experience,” he says.  


We wish Laziz the best of luck for the upcoming year! 


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