GSU Elections 2023 - the results!

Find out who has won in the GSU Elections for the GSU Officer positions for 2023/24.

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With 32 candidates running in this year’s GSU Elections and over 4,500 students turning out to vote, Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) has had its biggest election yet! 

The vote count was done using the STV (Single Transferable Vote) system, where in the voting is done using preferences, rather than a cross or tick in a box. 

Out of the 4,512 students who voted... 

  • 41% were from the Faculty of Business 

  • 59% were International students  

  • 89% live off-campus  

To see all the statistics from voting, visit our Live Statistics page.

Without further ado, introducing your GSU Officers for the academic year 2023/24:

Banner image with picture of each candidate in a circle

  • Anuj Baral 

  • Lazizjon Tokhirov 

  • MD Aminul Islam Fahad 

  • Sodiq Ayobami Lawal 

By receiving the most votes, Anuj Baral has been elected as your GSU President!  

We look forward to seeing their work and the change they aspire to bring into the lives of our students. Thank you to everyone who played a role to play in this year’s election!

You can see the full results in the documents below. 

Spreadsheet - GSU Officer Elections Results 2023

PDF - GSU Officer Elections Results 2023




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