Covid-19 Impact Survey - the results

We've analysed the results of our survey, and are sharing the results to show what our members told us.

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Covid-19 Impact Survey - the results

Back in May, we launched a survey to ask you, our members, what support you needed now and going forward due to Covid-19, so your Officer Team and Union can campaign for what you need. We had 516 students complete the survey from across the University community in terms of demographics, Faculty and level of study. Thank you to all of those that took the survey!

Here's a brief summary of what the survey told us...

- 94% of students believe Covid-19 is a serious issue.
- Students are 24% less satisfied with their lives than the general population (based on the Office for National Statistics national wellbeing indicators)
- 82% of students feel their ability to study has been negatively affected by Covid-19 - home life, distractions, mental health and internet access are factors that have prevented some students from studying effectively.
- Almost half of Greenwich students have additional financial concerns because of Covid-19.
- Most students are worried about their education and are concerned about the current remote provision and next year of study.
- Mental health is students' top priority - three-quarters of students have reported negative effects on their psychological wellbeing as a result of Covid-19. Other stresses that concern students are home life and financial issues.
- Students have been reaching out to academic teams for support - 60% contacted a University lecturer, Programme leader or other staff member connected with their course, and 48% spoke with their Personal Tutor?.
- 45% of students have volunteered since the crisis, with the highest volume being SU engaged students and those with caring responsibilities.

We've written up all the findings into a report - click here to read and download the report. The findings are already proving vital in our planning for the next academic year, and we are sharing the information with the University to aid their work also.

This report has been shared with the Vice-Chancellor, alongside senior directors in the University's professional and support services and Faculties. More details reports and recommendations will be shared with University teams from next week. Also, Greenwich's Learning and Teaching centre will take the data in the summer to produce further information and guidance for University staff. 

At Greenwich Students' Union, we'll run a follow-up survey in a few months' time to see how our members feel and check the priorities from this period are still current, so we can tailor our work accordingly. In the meantime, we're starting to use the information to prepare for next academic year - we're creating a specific plan for 2020/21 of support, representation and activity for our members. The plan is based on our Big Plan objectives to ensure we're focusing on what students' priorities are, and we're still working to our two main goals - empower you to change the world, and have a great time at Greenwich.

If you have any questions about the survey or report, send them to



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