Avery Hill - Student Safety Improvements

We've been working to make your campus more secure.

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Fence on campus

We know that many students at Avery Hill have flagged issues around safety at night and especially during the Winter months where the site is darker. The location of the campus is near a park area with lots of areas to hide. This is of course a cause for concern when there has been notable incidents of violence against women in the news based in London in the last year. 

Phase 1 of our improvements to student safety at Avery Hill (Sparrows) is now complete with fence installation. This has been achieved by working in partnership with the University.

We are hoping for further improvements over the summer period and will update you in due course.

You can keep up to date with news from Avery Hill with our Instagram account @AveryHillGSU

If you're passionate at ending violence against women, consider joining The Sabina Nessa Society. This was formed after the murder of Greenwich Alumni Sabina Nessa whilst she was walking home.


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