A winning project for Wellbeing and Retention

The Wellbeing and Retention Project, led by the GSU in conjunction with the University of Greenwich, was a Silver Award winner at the annual Heist Awards. This project contacted over 19,000 students to check in on their wellbeing.

Heist Awards logo - a big H - with the word "Winner" beside it

We're ecstatic to have won a HEIST Award alongside the University of Greenwich for our collaborative Wellbeing and Retention project. We were commissioned by the University to run our annual Wellbeing Checks via phone to first-year students and then expanding to all students. 

55 student ambassadors were recruited and trained to deliver this, and they contacted 19,892 undergraduate and postgraduate students at Greenwich, completing Wellbeing Checks with 7,735 students. We're proud of the reach this project had and how it supported students during the pandemic, and thank all University and Union staff involved in delivering it.

The University's Alumni Team also won an award for their great work - congratulations! Find out more about both award wins on the University's website

We're very #ProudToBeGRE!

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