Medway Mates

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Recently joined Medway Campus or looking for new friends? We've got you covered! Medway Mates is a peer-to-peer scheme on Medway Campus built to facilitate friends across courses, levels of studies and Universities. At Medway Campus, there are three different universities and lots of opportunity to make new friends. Whether you're wanting to meet other Kent students, or looking to interact with everyone, this scheme is for you! All you need to do is fill in this form here and a GSU member of staff will pair you up with students who have shared interests. There will also be events to attend as a group at The Hub so you can meet students outside of your peer pairs!

Fill in the form below to register your interests and be paired with a student with similar answers.

Come along and join the fun.

Please be aware that it can take up to two weeks to be paired with someone depending on your answers. We try and pair students with genuine similarities to ensure success in this scheme.

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