UPDATED: What's next after exams and assessments?

Worried about how your exams and assessments have gone? Here's some information about what happens next.

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Now that the exam and assessment period has concluded, we just thought we would give you a heads up on what happens now, so you can have some peace of mind.

Marks will be released

Please keep an eye on your student portal as marks will start to appear on your student transcript. These marks are only provisional, and all student academic profiles will be ratified when the PAB (Progression and Award Board) sits in June. This is where all decisions on academic progression will be made and students in all year cohorts will find out whether they have passed into their next year of study or, in the case of final year students, have passed their programme of study and can graduate.

Progression and Award Board student letter

Please keep eye out on your student portal for your PAB student letter. This will be posted on your student portal within 10 days of your PAB (students no longer receive a hard copy to their postal address).

The dates of the PAB are spread out in June and July so if you need more information on the dates, please contact your Programme Leader.

For those students that have failed elements of their assessment, re-sits and resubmissions will be offered at the discretion of the PAB. Students will be expected to complete assessments in July with the re-takes for the exams taking place the week beginning the 19 July 2021. Again, your Programme Leader will be the best person to give you advice on this should you need it.


In order to access your records, you will need to follow these steps to connect your accounts. You will need to check your security settings if this is the first time you have logged in since 21st May..

Your results letter will be published on the portal. To avoid any access difficulties later, we suggest that you try logging in now using the steps below. 

  1. Log into the portal, if you are unable to log in email itservicedesk@greenwich.ac.uk and our IT support team will be happy to help.
  2. Click on the 'Student Records' quick link
  3. Choose the ‘Student Services’ tab
  4. Click on the ‘My Results Letter(s)’ block
  5. Choose the ‘View Results Letter(s)’ option
  6. Select the academic term i.e. 2020/2021, and submit.
  7. Finally, click on the 'Ref' number to view your results letter for the term selected.


No Detriment Policy

Students on courses that are not accredited by a professional body will also have the safety net of a 'No Detriment' policy due the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on teaching in this academic year. For more guidance on this please see No-Detriment-January-2021.pdf (greenwichsu.co.uk) Please see a list of courses where the 'No Detriment' policy does not apply on the PSRB tab on the advice home page greenwichsu.co.uk/advice.


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