Students of Colour Meet the Vice-Chancellor

Find out what happened when Students of Colour met the Vice-Chancellor.

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The Students of Colour Liberation Network is elated to have held a roundtable discussion with the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Greenwich Professor Jane Harrington, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Roscoe.

The event was a result of several liberation meetings with students and network staff, and we were able to identify points of discussion to be raised with the VC. The event was attended by the VC panel, Students’ Union Officers, and students of the University of Greenwich.

Several challenges in relation to Students of Colour at university were presented in the meeting, such as the BAME awarding gap, anonymisation of names in coursework submissions, fee installments for International students, student communication with empathy, as well as the University’s commitment towards diversifying the University’s senior leadership staff pool. The network noted that both of VC and Deputy VC wrote down our points raised during the meeting, and we have been given assurance that our points will be considered by the University’s senior leadership team.

Finally, the network was also able to confirm with the VC panel that such a roundtable, open discussion is to be made a regular event, at least once year, such that any student at the University of Greenwich, specially Students of Colour, can speak directly with the VC/Deputy VC with no middleman involved. Hopefully this will also make way for accountability in terms of proposals, recommendations and results in terms of student representation.


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