Student Assembly ballot update

On the 30th November 2022, Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) had our second Student Assembly of the 2022/23 academic year. Find out what was discussed, and what we're working on as a result.

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On the 30th November 2022, Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) had our second Student Assembly of the 2022/23 academic year where you, as students, spoke about your thoughts surrounding the rise of the Cost of Living, your experiences with University Job shop, your thoughts on the prices of food on campus specifically for those students in financial need and whether Greenwich Students’ Union should support UCU in their current dispute. 

The two areas of discussion that went to a ballot vote to formally outline GSU’s position on each matter were a student motion reflecting the need for a decrease in food Prices on Campus and increased financial support for students in need alongside GSU’s position on the current UCU strike.  

The motion titled ‘GSU Food Discount’ argued that "The University should work towards providing one free meal a day or at least discounted meals to students. It is difficult for students to pay huge amounts of money just to study and then pay extra to fill their stomachs when they are on campus, Many schools introduce free meals a day or discounted meals for students. I think the University that has multiple income streams can at least provide a free lunch for students at the University. We do not want empty stomachs on campus. Even discounted meals would make a big difference to students. There is an open pantry, but many students have reported it empty on many occasions with the sought outcome to be to build a system to provide free or discounted meals to those who struggle to make ends meet."

This motion PASSED with a 99% approval rate from Student Assembly Members 

In reflection of this, your GSU Officers will begin conversations with the University to explore how we can work together to provide financial support to students in relation to food prices on campus 

The second area of discussion sought to seek student opinion on whether Greenwich Students’ Union should support UCU Strikes throughout their current dispute in which Student Assembly members were asked ‘Should GSU support University and College Union *UCU) in their current dispute?’ alongside being provided excerpts of information from both UCU and the employer to support students in making an informed decision. 

Students voted YES to GSU supporting UCU in their current dispute, with an approval rate of 76% 

In reflection of this, GSU will be supporting UCU through its current dispute. More information on how this support will be offered will become available in the New Year. 

If you have any comments or queries about either of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jabed (GSU President & Student Assembly Chair) at or the Student Voice and Representation Team at


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