Statement from LGBTQ+ Liberation Chair: Brianna Ghey

Hear from Tam, our Network Chair, about murdered teenager Brianna Ghey.

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Picture of Brianna Ghey, a girl holding a cake or sweet, smiling to the camera

From Tam Page, LGBTQ+ Liberation Chair
Supported by GSU Officer team

On Saturday, 11th February, Brianna Ghey was murdered in a park.  She was a trans girl. She was only 16 years old.

The police are not treating this as a hate crime, telling the media that “Whilst this is being investigated as a targeted attack and Brianna was a trans girl, we do not at this time believe it was a hate crime.” This is despite reports that Brianna suffered years of bullying at school. Whilst two fifteen-year-olds have been arrested, no amount of justice will bring Brianna back. Nothing that can be done now will save her life.

The loss of Brianna is a true tragedy, and it is devastating that she was never able to grow up and live as an adult. She deserved to live. She deserved to be happy. She deserved to be accepted. Our thoughts go out to her friends and loved ones at this time and one thing we can do is remember her. Remember her name. We can stand up against transphobia and stand against hate. We can protect our peers, we can accept each other for who we are, and we can work towards making sure this never, ever happens again. The media reports have been shocking, with some news outlets reporting her deadname and removing her gender identity. Brianna deserves to be remembered for who she was, a young girl with her whole life ahead of her. Brianna deserved to live.

I want you to know that if you are a trans person at our university, you are welcome, you are not alone, and there is no space for hate here. Everyone has the right to feel welcome, accepted and safe at our university and in wider society, and we stand with you, you are never alone. It is a difficult time to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but we won’t let hate win. We will continue to work towards a better, more equal society and we will continue to stand by your side and speak out against discrimination.

There are no words which will bring Brianna back. Nothing anyone can say can fix this. But we can remember her, and we can work towards a more equal, caring society for everyone.

Her name was Brianna and we will remember her.

Read more about Liberation at GSU on our website. If you've been affected by this, please reach out to the University Wellbeing Service. You can also reach out to GSU's Advice Service for help during your studies, and Mermaids, a charity supporting young gender diverse people.


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