Our top spots of Greenwich

As your new life begins at Greenwich, we want to tell you about our favourite little hotspots that you and your university friends can enjoy.

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Naturally, we begin with the Greenwich Observatory, where you can find the Greenwich Meridian Timeline and also get the chance to be at the coordinates 0° 00′ 00.00″, which is pretty cool if you ask us! Not only is the Observatory itself a thing of wonder but you can also experience the amazing view of the London skyline from here too, a perfect Instagram opportunity.

Leading on from the Observatory, our next spot is the iconic Greenwich Park. In the summer it is filled to the brim with students like yourself, enjoying the good weather. It is a great place to sit with your friends with a picnic and a few drinks.

If you consider yourself as a foodie then Greenwich Market is for you. With a huge range of street food on offer, this really is the land of food dreams. There are food stalls for veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike, the sensational smells cover the whole of Greenwich. Then at Christmas, there are Christmas Markets and some beautiful lights too. It’s so good to get presents for family!

These are just some of the great places to visit in Greenwich. It’s definitely worth a visit no matter which campus you are based at!

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