Our perfect pancakes recipe

We’ve put together our perfect recipe with ingredients you can find at the Village Shop.

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Making pancakes is quick and easy and a great way to get all the housemates together. Pancake day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) is coming up. So, we’ve put together our perfect recipe with ingredients you can find at the Village Shop.

Before you start debating between thick or thin pancakes, we are using the traditional English pancake recipe which is very thin and served quickly whilst they are hot!

All it takes is four simple ingredients, eggs, flour, salt and milk to make the batter. Then you can add some great toppings, we like to keep things traditional and sweet with lemon and sugar, but you can be creative.

Shopping List:

  • Eggs
  • Plain flour
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Table salt
  • Sunflower oil


  • JIF lemon juice or a fresh lemon
  • Caster sugar
  • Nutella
  • Fresh fruit

Step one: Sieve 100g of plain flour and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl.

Step two: With a wooden spoon, make a well in the centre so there is space to crack two eggs in the middle.

Step three: Pour in 50ml of semi-skimmed milk and start to mix from the centre, either with your spoon or a whisk to get out the lumps. Don’t go too fast, keep it gradual. Keep adding milk slowly, you want to add 300ml of milk in total.

Step four: Once you have a thick batter (the consistency of single cream), heat your pan and use oiled kitchen paper to coat the pan, you can then pour in a ladle full of batter, tilt the pan to cover the pan in a thin and even layer.

Step five: Cook for 30 seconds until golden underneath and then it will be ready to turn! Cook again for 30 more seconds

Step six: Serve, add your toppings and enjoy!


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