National Union of Students' investigation into antisemitism- report and consultation

NUS investigation into antisemitism

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In May 2022, the National Union of Students’ (NUS) commissioned Rebecca Tuck KC to lead an independent investigation looking at recent allegations of antisemitism as well as historic matters and broader culture. NUS worked closely with the Union of Jewish Students throughout.   

The report and associated action plan have now been published. You can read them on NUS’s website by following this link - 

The findings of the investigation detail a volume of antisemitism within the student movement. The published action plan seeks to address the issues brought to light in the report.  

The plan five key areas of work each with specific actions and deadlines for implementation, a summary of which is provided below:   

  • A proud and unwavering commitment to understanding and tackling antisemitism in all its forms within NUS and the student movement.  

  • Permanent formal representation for Jewish students within a wider Inclusion and Liberation Strategy for NUS.  

  • Changing culture through education, practice and dialogue.  

  • An enhanced Candidate Preparation Process for NUS elections.  

  • Strengthen NUS’s governance.  


Next steps 

We are seeking feedback from students on this action plan which we will send to the NUS. If you have any feedback or would like to schedule a meeting, please contact Colum Mackey, GSU’s Head of Advocacy and Policy by Wednesday 25th January ( Alternatively, you can feedback directly to the NUS at The deadline for feedback is Friday 27th January. 

NB - Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) is a member of the National Union of Students. NUS was founded in 1922 and works on behalf of students and students’ unions. They are known for their campaigning work which has resulted in a number of changes within higher and further education. Greenwich Students’ Union is a member of NUS. Our affiliation gives us access to training, support, networks, advice and assistance with our commercial services. You can find more information about NUS’ services and opportunities here. 


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