Meet Anuj, your 2023/24 GSU President!

Introducing your 2023/24 GSU Officer team - Anuj

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GSU President Anuj

Meet Anuj, your 2023/24 GSU President - interviewed and written by Chessie Dowdeswell


Anuj is an International student from India studying Politics and International Relations. He is an open-hearted, down-to-earth individual whose ambition is to ensure all students at the University of Greenwich receive the best possible student experience.


From the very beginning, Anuj was drawn to Greenwich for its beautiful campus.“I just saw the campus and I thought, this is it. This is what my campus would be” Anuj says. “Even if my day is bad, I’ll see those buildings and I’ll be like… woah.”

From there, his journey has been paved by inspiring individuals and taking opportunities to interact and be active with the University.


For the past year, Anuj has been one of your GSU officers. During this time, he has run several successful campaigns for causes such as academic skills support and environmental protection. Anuj provided more inclusion and support to our Disabled students, promoted sustainability through Green Week, and raised £600 for Turkey and Syria with the Maha-Shivratri event he organised.“I’ve learned a lot this year, including how to solve problems and work alongside the committees to provide students with the finest experience, and also help me to be more skilled and focussed.”


Anuj is most passionate about his Working Hours Campaign, which is looking to remove the Student Visa working hour cap, which restricts International students from working more than 20 hours per week. The campaign has been supported by 70% of the Student Unions across the country. It is this striving for student justice that led him to run for GSU President in the 2023 GSU Elections.

“The Working Hour Campaign is huge. It’s a national campaign. I think I need some more time for this because it has not been successful yet. I’m really excited to make it happen next year.”


Anuj has been overwhelmed with the support from his fellow students which has only furthered his drive for student justice Anuj is also concerned with student safety and communication. “A lot of safety concerns have been raised by students so I’m really worried about them. So, I’m going to work with the Safety and Security team of the University to ensure we have everything that can keep our students safe."

“There’s also a problem of communication between the students and the university, so I’m really excited to work with the communications team and the students to see how we can provide a better platform for them to interact properly and make the students’ university experience better.”


Anuj will be working with Student Representatives and Societies to continue providing students with what they truly want. His determination carries through his whole manifesto. Anuj hopes to make University Halls more affordable, remove hidden costs, create better spaces, host more events and ensure International students receive the support they require.

“The best advice I can give students is to get involved in GSU and University activities by providing feedback on the things they desire. We at GSU and the University are constantly seeking to make the university experience fulfilling and productive."

“Together we can make it happen. I want students to really enjoy the University life.”


We wish Anuj the best of luck for the upcoming year!



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