Your GSU Officers hold meeting with Kelly Tolhurst MP

On 23 February, GSU Officers Anuj and Aminul met with Kelly Tolhurst, the MP for Rochester and Strood.

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Photo showing officers from GSU and Christ Church Student Union standing alongside Kelly Tolhurst MP From left to right, Anuj Baral, Aminul Fahad, Kelly Tolhurst MP, Tom Abbott and Aliosha Seraphim.

On 23 February, GSU Officers Anuj and Aminul met with Kelly Tolhurst, the MP for Rochester and Strood. They were joined by Student Officers from Christ Church Students’ Union to discuss local issues affecting the Medway Campus.

The meeting followed the launch of the National Union of Students’ (NUS) manifesto for the upcoming general election, giving Officers the opportunity to raise issues affecting students nationwide.

One key issue is the cap on working hours for international students, a flagship campaign for Anuj over the past two years as your GSU Officer and then GSU President. His work has helped to get the issue into the NUS manifesto, and this meeting allowed him to continue efforts to have this taken up in Parliament.

You can read more about the NUS manifesto and write to your MP on the NUS website.

Focussing on Medway, discussions touched on graduate jobs in the area, student welfare and improving housing. Kelly was keen to take forward the issue of the Medway bus fare, which is something that Aminul will be following up with her.

Student Officers at GSU, as well as at Kent and Christ Church, will continue to push for change and represent your voice to decision makers at every level. If you want to keep up to date with what our Officers are working on, then follow them on Instagram.

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