GSU Officers update - Medway bus

Early opening hours of Lower Deck to help students grab hot drinks whilst waiting for the Medway bus

Blue background with photos of GSU President Jabed and GSU Officer Abdul, with the text saying GSU O

Many of you travel to the Medway campus via the Medway bus. To catch the Medway bus, students wait from early morning hours. This paired with the harsh winter mornings can be extremely unpleasant and damaging to the health of those waiting for the bus outside in the cold. Therefore, with the assistance of GSU staff members, we have come up with the initiative to open Lower Deck from 7 am to provide a warm and safe place for those waiting for the bus. Our café will also be open from 7:30 am onwards to allow you to purchase some hot drinks to help you keep warm and energised for a productive day ahead.   

 We are committed to supporting you throughout your journey. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Officers team on issues like this. We are campaigning to Cut the Medway bus fare, stay tuned for an update on this! 


Best Wishes  

Jabed, GSU President  

Abdul, GSU Officer  

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