GSU Officers 2020/21 - Final Update

Your GSU Officers for the 2020/21 academic year share their final report.

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Your Greenwich Students' Union Officers have been keeping busy this term. It's a key time of year to wrap up projects and set the wheels in motion for the year ahead.

GSU President - Bilal Ijaz

There's been four key areas of work for Bilal. 

Cultural Inclusivity

  • International student support paper - which will become Global Centre
  • Induction to new April starts on MBA International Business
  • UGIC Welcome 
  • Global Cafe for April starters
  • Supporting students from red list countries

Academics and Champions

  • Hosting and shortlisting for the Student Led Teaching Awards 2021
  • Meeting Faculties DSE
  • Meeting with Head of School to highlight the benefits of Academic Communities
  • Exams and Assessment Q&A
  • TalentFest

Avery Hill

  • Working closely with The Dome project including the interior decoration, and allocation of space within the venue
  • Commercial Survey for members feedback

Alumni and Employability

  • Part of student to Alumni transition project
  • A new strategy formed to focus on International Alumni Ambassadors
  • 10000 Black Interns project
  • Working with BSEO to support employment outcomes for students

Bilal ends his term as GSU President on Friday 25 June 2021.

GSU Officer - Mayo Femi-Obalemo 

Officer Visibility

  • Hosting the SLTAs and shortlisting/selecting nominations
  • Attending NUS Liberation Conference to put GSU on a national stage

Medway campus

  • Chaired the final Medway student forum
  • Announcement of the Medway transfer project to students
  • Met with NHS Medway to discuss GP services and wellbeing of Medway students
  • Supporting Medway International PG student through visa and work concerns

Postgraduate Students and Personal Tutoring

  • Worked on VC PGR Scholarship for BAME students and students with disabilities
  • Support more Postgraduate students in the 3MT competition across Faculty heats

Building a more inclusive University

  • Hosted Instagram live with ISOC to discuss Ramadan and their upcoming events
  • Campaigned to the University to reopen faith spaces on all campuses after they had be shut due to Covid-19 concerns

Mayo ends her term as a GSU Officer on Friday 25 June 2021.

Niel Lewis

Climate Action

  • COP 26 Planning group
  • Sustainability Strategy Group


  • Activities Awards - hosting the event and supporting the process
  • Students Deserve Better rally
  • Students United Against Fees Digital Day of Action - letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson with over 5000 signatures and 28 Students' Unions calling for refunds

Policy Reviews

  • New Term principles review and new student experience principles
  • SRC - Grade inflation + degree algorithm changes

Niel ends his term as a GSU Officer on Friday 25 June 2021 and returns to study.

Zoë Campbell


  • LGBTQ+ flags went up in GSU spaces as part of Pride Month 2021
  • Liberation Network Chair Elections
  • Shaping EDI Strategy

Empowering students

  • Shaping an activism hub of resources for students
  • Supporting the Students United Against Fees campaign

Student support

  • Hiring for senior staff roles at the University
  • University Meetings
  • Redesigning programme handbooks

To ask Zoë any questions on her work, email as she will be serving a second term as a GSU Officer for 2021/22.



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