GSU Elections 2024 - the results!

Find out who has won in the GSU Elections for the GSU Officer positions for 2024/25.


With 37 candidates running in this year’s GSU Elections and over 5,200 students turning out to vote, Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) has had its biggest election yet! That's 19% of the Greenwich student community! Thank you so much to everyone who voted and chose the incoming Officer Team.


Elections statistics

Out of the 5,225 students who voted this year... 

  • They make up 3% of students who study at Avery Hill; 25% who study at Greenwich; and 21% who study at Medway

  • They cast 7,505 votes for GSU Officer

  • 39% of students who voted study in the Faculty of Engineering and Science - the highest voting Faculty this year!

    • 36% of students who voted study in the Business School

    • 13% study in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    • 12% study in the Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences 

  • 54% were International students  

  • 89% live off-campus (same as last year!)

To see more statistics from voting in this year's election, visit our Live Statistics page.


The results

Without further ado, we're introducing your GSU Officers for the academic year 2024/25! From left to right in the picture below...

Four people standing on a stage, with paper confetti coming down around them


  • Aminul Fahad

  • Ameen Chowdhury

  • Sodiq Lawal

  • Amrutha Srivarshini Gullapalli


By receiving the most votes, Ameen Chowdhury has been elected GSU President!  

We look forward to seeing their work and the change they aspire to bring into the lives of our students. Thank you to everyone who played a role to play in this year’s election!

The vote count was done using the STV (Single Transferable Vote) system, where the voting uses preferences, rather than a cross or tick in a box. Find out more about this voting system via video. You can see the full results in the documents below. 


Elections count documents

Spreadsheet - GSU Officer Elections Results 2024 (file will download or open in the same window)

PDF - GSU Officer Elections Results 2024 (file will open in the same window)


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