Become Your Best with GSU

Greenwich Students' Union is proud to announce a new plan to take us to 2026. Read on to find out how and what we're going to deliver for our members.

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At Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) we’re proud to have made transformative change over the last few years by acting on your feedback and working with you - our members - to make our democracy more accessible, develop the quality and scope of our member services, improve our physical spaces and transform our communication methods. 

Recently recognised as a Quality Students’ Union, GSU now has an established physical footprint at our three campuses in Avery Hill, Greenwich and Medway, supported by our online spaces to platform us into the future.

A new plan for 2026

Our role as your Students’ Union is to continually evolve our offer for the members of today and future generations. 

We have one goal by 2026; supported by GSU and our services, you will Become Your Best at Greenwich and Beyond

Over the next five years we will unapologetically strive for equity in all that we do, and we promise to have your back to support and empower you on your journey through Greenwich. 

Five key areas

We will focus our team and our time to represent your interests, working with you as members to ensure you have access to: 

• The best quality and inclusive education 

• Develop skills to be life ready 

• Be the best you can be while you study 

• Find where you belong at Greenwich 

• Take actions to protect our planet together 

Find out more

We've launched a new webpage where you can read all about the new plan and delve deeper into the detail.

Check it out: (link opens in a new window).


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