Why do we still need LGBT+ History Month?

LGBT+ History Month is recognised every February in the United Kingdom, but why is it still relevant in today's society?

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LGBT+ Flags

There have been many turning points for LGBT+ rights in recent years and there are Pride events each year. But does this mean that the battle is over? We disagree.

There are definitely more reasons why we still need LGBT+ History Month, but here are five good reasons why visibility is still important in 2021.

  1. There’s not much representation of LGBT+ people of faith in popular culture. TV has started to showcase more LGBT+ characters, but there is little representation of people of faith who are also in the LGBT+ community. It is still hard for people within the faith community to come out, for fear of shame and rejection.
  2. Freedom has been given, but it can be taken away. Poland now has ‘LGBT-free zones’.
  3. Non-gender has a long way to go. It's clear that hardly any countries will recognise non-binary gender in their passports and gender-inclusive toilets are still rare to find.
  4. There are still countries in the world where there is a death penalty for homosexuality.
  5. The UK still hasn’t banned conversion therapy despite calls from the Church of England demanding that the Government ban it in 2017.

Should there be something else on this list? Let us know.


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