How to avoid post-exam stress

We’ve got a few tips to help you to avoid that post-exam stress.

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Exams can be stressful, but what can be worse is the period straight after. There’s nothing more you can do, and sometimes that feels overwhelming.  

We’ve got a few tips to help you to avoid that post-exam stress. 


Avoid talking to people who’ve completed the same exam as you 

It’s an odd one, most people want to have a natter, and ask you what you got for a certain answer or will think it’s fine to ask you ‘did you think that went well?’. The truth is that this can really add to our own anxieties about how well we’ve performed. What if we put something different to question two? What if we think they’re wrong, is it right for us to tell them?  

Simply put, it’s time to say, ‘sorry I don’t want to discuss the exam, we can’t change anything now’. 


Do something different 

It’s great to go out and do something completely different that will take your mind off things. Book in a hair appointment for straight after the exam or attend a fitness class. You’ll be so busy; you won’t be dwelling on the exam. 


Talk to someone you trust 

If you’re worried and want to chat, talk to someone you trust that will be able to reassure you that you’ve done your best.  

No matter what they say, nothing can change how the exam went, and you really don’t know how it has gone until the results are back. 

It’s probably for the best this person didn’t also complete the exam so they don’t put their exam stress on you in return.  


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