Climbing Club (Medway)


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Who are we?

A climbing society in Medway!


Whether you are curious about climbing or are an experienced climber, you have found your group!

A society for all level climbers. You'll discover how many benefits you can get from climbing, a sport that is good for both your body and for your brain, while meeting new people!


We arrange trainings in the climbing gym in Maidstone (boulder focused), every Wednesday (after 5pm) and on Sunday afternoon.

So, it is a two in one... you will get to enjoy the beauty of the town and the wonderful climbing experience!

Finance Requests


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  • Climbing Club (Medway) Associate Membership£50.00
  • Climbing Club (Medway) Christ Church Membership£40.00
  • Climbing Club (Medway) Standard Membership£40.00

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