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Who are we?

Bengali Society at the Universities of MEDWAY is a vibrant and dynamic community of students who share a common cultural heritage and a passion for celebrating their traditions and values. This society is an inclusive and welcoming space for all students who identify as Bangladeshi or have an interest in Bangladeshi culture.

The society hosts various events throughout the academic year, such as cultural festivals, food fairs, and music and dance performances. These events allow members to showcase their talents, learn new skills, and connect with others who share their interests.

In addition to cultural events, the society organizes social and academic activities to promote networking and collaboration among members. These activities may include guest speaker events, career workshops, and community service projects.


Overall, Bengali Society in the Universities of Medway is a vibrant and active community that enriches the university experience of its members and fosters a sense of pride and belonging among Bangladeshi students.


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Movie Night
7th March 3:30pm - 7:30pm
Pembroke 130
Movie night is on and we're adding some extra spice with yummy biryani! Come and meet the members and extend the community.
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