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Who are we?

At Protons Church what makes us so unique is that we aim to not only teach and preach but we celebrate Jesus Christ. We aim to imprint the timeless biblical values and build purposeful and meaningful lives. Irrespective of the background we love and care for all people. Creating an atmosphere for opportunities, for liveliness, growth, development and achievements is one of our top priority’s for all members.

Our 3 fold vision is to raise and establish Model New Testament Christians and Churches and to build a poverty relief fund and community development fund for the underprivileged. The purpose of the vision is leadership to transform the destiny of our generation by influencing society and generations after us with the principles of the Word of God.

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Community House Fellwoship
13th August 6pm - 11pm
Community House Fellwoship
13th September 6pm - 11pm

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