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Who are we?

Welcome to the Medway Forensic Society! We are a passionate group of students dedicated to exploring the intriguing world of forensic science . Our mission is to encourage and promote our deep appreciation for forensic science and its role in the legal system while providing members with opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in this field. We aim to promote academic excellence, critical thinking, and teamwork through a variety of engaging activities and events.



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What We Do:

- Social Events: Engage in a vibrant social calendar, including movie nights, games nights, social ice breakers, and field trips, fostering camaraderie among members while exploring the lighter side of forensic science.

- Hands-On Experiences: Our society offers hands-on experiences, such as crime scene investigations, mock trials, and forensic laboratory simulations, allowing members to apply their knowledge in a practical setting, whilst also be able to offer Mortuary work experience.

- Networking Opportunities: We facilitate connections with professors, alumni, and industry experts to help our members explore potential career paths and gain valuable insights.


Our Values:

- Passion for Learning: We are driven by a genuine enthusiasm for forensic science and a commitment to continuous learning.

- Diversity and Inclusivity: We welcome students from all backgrounds and academic disciplines, believing that diverse perspectives enrich our understanding of forensic science.

- Integrity and Ethics: We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics in our pursuit of knowledge and in our interactions with one another.


Get Involved:

Whether you're a seasoned forensic enthusiast or just curious about this fascinating field, we invite you to join us! Membership is open to all students on Medway campus. Visit our Society page to learn how you can become a part of our dynamic community.


Connect With Us:

Stay updated on our latest events, activities, and news by following us on Instagram @ForensicSocietyMedway


Thank you for visiting our page. We look forward to welcoming you into the exciting world of forensic science at Forensic Society

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