Black Pharmacist Initiative (Medway)


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Who are we?

1.           In the wake of the Black Live Matter movement we have been stirred as students to recognise the discrimination that we face on a day to day basis as black students studying pharmacy. We have come up with the Black Pharmacist Initiative to help black students thrive in their academics and close the attainment gap with pre-registration exam results 

2.           We want the black pharmacy students to recognise and learn the truths of our origins and embrace our history projecting this to the entire pharmacy student body. We want to improve our knowledge in a comfortable and secure environment while still pushing for excellence in all areas of our degree

3.           As an organisation we want to be able to improve relations with members of staff helping them to understand and accept our struggles, while embracing and acknowledging the changes which can be done on both ends to improve our future as pharmacists 

4.           We want black pharmacy students to understand that our colour is a part of our identity but we can be defined by much more than the colour of our skin. We want to empower the current and future generations in public speaking, academia and confidence that will allow them to thrive in the pharmacy sector  

5.           We want to set the path for future black pharmacists to see more people like themselves in places of influence and further encourage black pharmacy students to go beyond the traditional routes placed before us


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