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Hello everyone!

Our goal is to create an inclusive group of people, who host weekly events, so that it's members can have fun

We aim to provide every type of game to our members, anything from board games to video games, the Medway Gaming Society wants to make sure that as many games as possible can be played, by as many people as possible. 

If we don't have a game running at the moment, members are always more than welcome to suggest their own game that they think others would enjoy. 

The purpose of the society is to provide members with weekly gaming sessions, each one typically themed towards a type of game, such as 'Tabletop Thursdays' or 'Weekend Warhamer.' There is also a Speedrunning community, where you can compete to see who can complete the chosen game the quickest. 

With our own Discord server, you will be able to talk to dozens and dozens of other like-minded people, allowing you to make new friendships (or even rivalries).

Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you soon!




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