Believers' Love World (Medway)


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Who are we?

Welcome to Believers' Loveworld - A place where we share God's love! We are one big family, every student, every person, there's no difference in our midst!

Our aim is to empower other Christians in their faith whilst on campus, and to fuel and inspire them to take God’s presence to other students, impacting their lives with the Gospel.

We want to introduce people to the genuine love of God and give them the opportunity to know Him for themselves. We also empower students in their faith, inspiring them to impact their world with the investment of their personality.

Join us on campus, in PK017 (Pilkington Building) every Sunday at 12pm and Wednesday 7pm for our Services!



Not on campus?

Not to worry! Click on the link below to connect to our online services or contact us to find out how you can connect to our Bible studies!



On your placement year?

Get in touch on Instagram to join our online Bible study specifically for placement students! @blaze_cell

Based on Main campus or Avery Hill?

Get in touch to find out how you can connect to a Bible Study where you are!

Look out for updates on our Instagram pages @blwgreenwich @blwmedway @blwukzoneb


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