• Medway
  • Meet and Greet

Vaanga Pazhagalam 2.0" translates to "Let's Get Together" in Tamil, and that's precisely the spirit of this event. The meet and greet will serve as a warm welcome for students from the University of Greenwich, University of Kent, and Canterbury Christ Church University to our society.  "Vaanga Pazhagalam 2.0" will commence with an introduction to the United Tamil Society, shedding light on our mission and objectives. A captivating PowerPoint presentation will follow, unveiling our past and future event plan for the year. Participants will then engage in an interactive game, for promoting cultural engagement and friendly competition. To enhance the experience, we'll offer delectable refreshments such as doughnuts, coke, etc. The event will conclude with a casual networking session, enabling attendees to connect and get to know each other better. This event encapsulates our commitment to promoting inclusivity and unity among students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Come be a part of this warm and inclusive gathering that embodies our commitment to fostering unity while celebrating the rich tapestry of Tamil culture.

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