Essentially, it's where we give you all the information you need to operate as a committee and prepare for term one. We go over all the basics from how to put on events, to how to spend your group funds. The training is essential for your group, and all of the sessions should be attended by at least one representative from your committee.

The essential training day for committee members of sports and societies.

On this training day you will cover the following: 

- Intro to GSU
- Representing UoG & GSU
- Health and Safety
- Finance
- Societies
- Marketing and GDPR
- Events
- Sports

It is crucial as President, Chair or Treasurer that you attend this session as you will not be able to attend welcome fairs, run trial sessions or operate as a society or team.

Register to attend to ensure you get all the information you need in the run-up to this training session.