We are sorry to let you know that due to very low ticket sales, an in-person awards ceremony will not be able to take place this year.  

Students who have brought tickets will be contacted and refunds issued.  Award winners will be contacted and invited for an official photograph, to receive a certificate and given a voucher to spend on a celebration of their choice.

The winners will be announced via a video on The Hub’s YouTube channel at 6pm on Friday 13th May. The Hub Medway - YouTube

Open to all

Event of the Year

An event that has gone above and beyond to encapsulate the group’s aims and objectives in an inclusive and accessible environment. It has engaged members or the overall student body, and was enjoyable for everyone involved. This can include events on campus, off campus and trips away.


Fundraiser of the Year

An individual or a group who have excelled above and beyond their normal fundraising efforts this year. This could either be the innovative ways in which they raised money or the sheer amount of dedication they put into it. The spirit of fundraising award comes from the passion for wanting to do something great and raise awareness for any cause, whether big or small.


Committee of the Year

A committee that has worked together to create the best experience for their members. Every member of the committee is utilised and they work as a team to gain valuable experience from leading a group.


Marketing Award

Awarded to a group who have demonstrated excellence in promoting themselves, through creation of media on any platform including social media. The content would have been engaging, of interest to students and increased outreach of the society. This award is open to all groups.



Academic Society of the Year

The group that has contributed the most to their academic community and has worked to provide the best co-curricular experiences for their members.


Most Improved Society

The Most Improved Society is awarded to the Society who has:
- Grown and developed (member numbers or events/activities)
- Pushed for their Society to be bigger and better than previous years
- Developed their offer to members to help achieve their aims and objectives


Society of the Year

The Society that has delivered a fantastic experience to its members, contributed to the Medway community, and is constantly striving to develop.


Best New Soceity of the Year

Best New Society is awarded to a Society in their first year of existence, that has made the best progress during their first year.

This includes a commitment to engagement and offering something new to students, that has gone above and beyond to make a good first impression for themselves.



Captain of the Year

Blurb to come

Outstanding Contribution to Sport 

Has worked hard to champion the benefits of the student experience through Societies, for both themselves and students around them and future Greenwich students.


Team of the Year 

Club of the Year is awarded to the most successful Club across the year, consisting of many of the following:
Team spirit
Online engagement
Committee Achievements



Lasting Impact 

A student that has held a position on a committee and been dedicated to their student group for a significant time. They have loyally working improve their student group so their efforts will be felt after they leave.


Outstanding contribution to societies  

For someone who has gone above and beyond in service to their Society or Societies.  They have been a dedicated member of their Society and actively engaged with the Students’ Union to help improvement.  They have worked hard to champion the benefits of the student experience through Societies, for both themselves and students around them and future Medway students.