Disability History Month

As well as hosting a series of events here at The Hub, we also have an exhibitions in The Hub and The Drill Hall Library. Greenwich Students' Union, Kent Union and Christ Church Students' Union also have lots on offer to celebrate Disability History Month 2023 - Disability, Childhood and Youth!


Your Union Celebrating DHM 2023


Greenwich Students' Union 

Visit GSUs exhibitions at both Greenwich (The Atrium) and Medway (The Hub) campuses to explore Disability History Month. Delve into disability history, celebrate the present, and envision a future where barriers are dismantled, and diversity is celebrated. Beyond Barriers provides an opportunity to learn, connect, and deepen our commitment to creating a world where all voices, regardless of ability, are heard and valued.

Kent Union 

Kent Union have dozens of events students can get involved in this month, as well as a plethora of Student Group socials to get involved with. Take a look at their page to see a statement from their Full-time Officer team, as well as heartfelt stories from their staff and students... and their esteemed Curiosity Hub, filled with dozens of hand-picked recommendations and resources!



CCSU are celebrating disability history month, and they want people to know about your experiences. Their Officer President Alice Lundy is running a campaign and would like students to submit responses on their page. They intend to make a social media post sharing the results so please only share what you are comfortable with. This is also a public forum but you can respond anonymously.




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