Safety Measures in our Venues

This article details the current measures in place in Greenwich Students’ Union venues for the safety of our members and other customers. GSU is here to make sure our members have a great time, and we are continually working to improve our services and offers.

GSU operates a strict set of zero tolerance policies for all our venues including Lower Deck. Our venues undertake a series of robust interventions which we’re always looking to improve. 

  • Dedicated staff training regarding safety, student support, reporting etc. 

  • Our student staff are trained to escalate situations to our SIA licenced security staff. 

  • A minimum of 5 SIA guards in the venue during any large-scale event who regularly patrol the dance floor and the rest of the Lower Deck spaces as well as student staff/managers on the floor clearing. Going forward the team patrolling in harder to see areas will be identified by High-Vis jackets. 

  • SIA training/licensing being commissioned for key Commercial Services staff. 

  • Active promotion of Ask Angela/Andrew campaign. 

  • CCTV in all venues. 

  • Body cams for all security, which are turned on during incidents. 

  • Promotion of Safe Zone App.  

  • GSU Policies addressing the use of our spaces, our expectations of guests and security. 

  • Consent training for Student Group leaders. 


We are also taking the following steps: 

  • We’re working with the University on the TFL night charter which will launch during SHAG week w/c 8th November.  

  • Signposting a quiet/reflection room in each venue during busy nights where students can go if they feel unsafe. This room will be manned by a staff member to support anyone who needs to use this space. 

  • We’re introducing Check Your Drink test kits free for all customers to use.  

  • We're working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Community Funds to run a safety campaign and provide free resources to students.  

  • We’ve reviewed our communications in venues this week about behaviour and to encourage reporting. 

  • GSU are taking part in a University steering group reviewing current practices against the OFS Statement of Expectations on Harassment and Sexual Misconduct. 

  • We’re starting a GSU working group to review current policy to see if further steps are needed. 


GSU Policies: 

Safe Space Policy: 

Alcohol Misuse Policy: 

Responsible Drinking Policy and Procedures: 

Security Expectations: 

Security Briefing: 

Member Disciplinary Policy: 

Please also refer to GSU Officers Statement on Nightclub Safety Spiking here


We want to encourage students that use the venues to please report any incidents directly to venue team on site at the time. That way the incident can be addressed immediately. GSU wants to reassure its members we take all steps and measures very seriously.  

If you are interested in speaking to us about what more we could be doing please reach out to Zoë -