GSU Officer statement on the situation in Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all at risk of harm in light of these developments. Read on about how the University and GSU can support you if you're affected.

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Ukranian flag - blue and yellow horizontal bars - on a flag pole, flying in the wind

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We, your GSU Officers, are greatly pained to read of the escalating military tensions on the continent and particularly, the developments that transpired this morning in Ukraine. We stand firmly in our belief that war is a calamity that terrorises innocent civilians and leaves behind devastation in its wake, and it is not to be taken lightly.

We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all at risk of harm in light of these developments. We truly hope for urgent resolution and peace within the region with as little harmful consequence as possible.

We also understand that in times of conflict such as these, frustration may be unjustly directed towards individuals without blame. This will not be tolerated and we encourage students experiencing or witnessing harassment to use the University Complaints procedure.

If the current situation is negatively impacting you, please do reach out to the University's Student Wellbeing Services. They also have an online Wellbeing Hub with a range of resources to look after your wellbeing.

If your ability to perform academically is being affected due to the conflict, you can contact your Personal Tutor for support. You may be eligible for Extenuating Circumstances - a guide on applying for this on the University website. If you are citing conflict as a reason, you will not be obliged to provide evidence.

If you have concerns regarding how the conflict might affect your ability to take assessments, continue your studies, or make fee payments, you can contact our free and confidential GSU Advice Service.

We urge you all to check in with your wellbeing in times like these, and to reach out to your channels of support should you need to.

Aatika, Zoë, Nele and Jabed
GSU Officers 2021/22

For more information on support from the University, click here to visit their website.


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