Development begins at Avery Hill

A programme to refurbish and reorganise space at The Dome and Aragon court starts Monday 16th May.

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person painting wall

Greenwich Facilities are working to improve and reorganise the spaces in The Dome and Aragon court.

Greenwich Students' Union has been collaborating closely with the project within The Dome to update the design and layout to better suit our modern student community.

The Facilities team have put out the following information:

'This exciting project will deliver new furniture, décor and lighting, and will provide flexible layout options for activities and events at the Dome.  The layout of Aragon Court will be modified to provide new offices for our Student and Academic Services team, including a new Courtyard entry.

The programme has several stages, with varying levels of disruption which we will keep you informed of as the project progresses. The below sets out and advises activities during the initial couple of weeks of the project.

The Dome

  • From Monday 16 May, the Dome will be separated into two individual work areas so that we can continue to provide access to key areas and services.  Work area 1 will be completed before work starts on area 2, towards the end of June.
  • The work areas will be clearly defined, with separate entrances for staff/students and contractors.
  • The separation of work areas will mean that there will be a reduction in capacity and service.
  • The internal social space furniture and PCs will be removed for the duration of the works.
  • We will issue further updates as work in area 1 is nearing completion and to confirm start date for work area 2.

Aragon Court (flats 0-15)

  • Contractors will be on site to commence mobilisation from Monday 16 May.  There will be no construction work during this week.
  • From week commencing 23 May, the internal refit work will start which will be noisy and could be disruptive to the adjoining flats/offices.
  • As there are tight deadlines to meet for this project, working hours will be longer than usual, taking place between the hours of 08:00-18:00.  There will not be any weekend working at this stage.

Future work will include some groundwork and landscaping, but this has been scheduled to take place later in the summer when there is low occupancy in the student accommodation.

We will post further updates on the schedule and any likely disruption as work progresses. 

If you have any concerns regarding this project now or after work commences, please contact .  If you need to report an out of hours emergency, please contact the security gatehouse on 020 8331 9101.'


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