Autumn Elections '21 - The Results

Greenwich Students have been voting for their NUS Conference Delegates and their Student Priorities. We can now announce the results of the Election.

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GSU Elections Graphic

From 10am on Monday 11th October, until 12pm on Thursday 14th October, students were able to vote for their NUS Conference Delegates and the Student Priorities.

Students had submitted their ideas for fifteen Student Priorities. The vote then determined the top four priorities that students would like Greenwich Students' Union to work on.

There were eight Candidates in the running to be an NUS Delegate, and there are five positions available. The successful Candidates will be joined by GSU President Aatika Ayoub at the National Union of Students Conference in earler 2022. The aim of this role is to represent the voice of Greenwich students on a national stage, and set the direction for the National Union of Students. In this election, students could also vote for Re-open Nominations if they were dissatisfied with the Candidates. Votes were given in a preference order through single transferable vote.

You can watch the video announcement here.

Student Priorities Results

The top four Student Priorities are (in no particular order):

  • Jobs and Placement Help
  • International Support
  • Course Organisation and Timetabling
  • Student Money and Cost of Living. 


NUS Conference Delegates Results

The Winners in this Election are: 

  • Gavin Karan Raj Sridhar
  • Niel Lewis
  • Jabed
  • Sharon Chawda
  • Zoë Campbell


Congratulations to all of the Candidates who ran in the Election, and well done to all of the successful Candidates.

For more information on our elections process, you can contact


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