University of Kent student? Use your University ID on our website!

Find out more about this change to how you access our website.

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If you are a University of Kent student, you can now use your University login on The Hub website! This will save you from needing another account to access our website.

You need to log in to buy memberships to Clubs and Societies, sign up for activities, and buy tickets.

To login in to The Hub website with your University account, it’s very simple:

1. Visit
2. In the section with the University of Kent logo, press the button labelled Login with your Kent University Username:


3. You’ll be taken to a page on the University of Kent system to verify your account and show you what data we collect.
4. Confirm, and then you’ll be logged in.

You’ll only need to verify your account once, and you can have your data erased at any time by contacting

If you already have a Guest Account with us, email us at to transfer any purchases (e.g., memberships) to your University login.

About The Hub
Greenwich Students’ Union runs the Hub on behalf of Kent Union and Christ Church Students’ Union. To see all our Privacy information, visit


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