Prep yourself to succeed in your physical exam

This year many students will be taking exams in person for the first time in forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This year many students will be taking exams in person for the first time in forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our StressBusters team have put together some handy tips to make sure you have ways to cope with physical exams. 


Plan your route in advance 

Knowing where the room your exam is being held is so helpful. As soon as you know where it is, go and check it out in-person. This ensures that on the day you won’t get flustered looking for the exam room.  

It’s also good to check your travel route and ensuring there aren’t any scheduled road works or diversions that might make you late to the exam. 


Check your pens 

It’s always good practice to use black ink in exams, make sure you’ve got a few pens that have lots of ink, are comfortable to write with and don’t smudge easily. Make it as easy as possible for the person marking your work to check it. If you have room, you can even do double line spacing, so there’s space for them to write their notes on your work. 


Brain food 

It’s always advised to keep a healthy diet for your body, but it is also important to nourish your brain. It’s important to eat enough on the day (and the night before) that will give you enough energy to be alert. Choose natural options over processed food. Make sure you’re drinking a good amount of water too, but not so much that you’ll be needing the toilet mid-exam. 


Keep time 

You won’t be able to have your phone with you to tell you the time and a smart watch is useless if you must turn it off. Most exam halls have clocks, but it might be worth bringing a physical watch with you to help you pace yourself in the exam. Leave time at the end to check your answers. 


Learn a breathing technique 

Search online for different breathing techniques to keep yourself calm. If you’re feeling stressed before, or your mind goes blank during the exam, start using your breathing technique. This will help you to relax, and if you doodle or jot down thoughts it might jog your memory for the answer. 


We hope you’ve found these tips useful to prep for an in-person exam. 


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