Korean Hallyu Society (Medway)


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Who are we?

The main purpose of the Korean Hallyu Society is to create an environment where fans of Korean entertainment can come together and share their love and enjoyment of similar interests.

We will also have weekly dance classes for those of all abilities where we will teach different K-pop dance routines in a variety of different styles and we will also give the opportunity and encourage students to help choreograph and lead the sessions. The society will also have many other activities throughout the year such as going to Korean restaurants, game nights, K-pop/K-hip-hop nights, k-drama/k-movie screenings and much more. 

Using the interest of K-culture we would like to bring other students together, to enjoy and have fun. 

 If you have any ideas you want to contribute, don't hesitate to drop a DM on Instagram (@medway_khs)!

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