Sustainability issues such as climate change, carbon reduction, ocean plastics, ethics, sustainable food, social impacts such as poverty, equality, health and wellbeing are all issues relate to what our students have interest in. Gen Z recognise the environment and ethics as of core  importance to them.

Employers want to recruit graduates with knowledge and skill sets that help them respond to sustainability challenges. Sustainability can relate to every subject the university teaches, although there can be gaps where sustainability is not taught or not covered sufficiently to meet future employer needs.

This workshop will provide Programme Reps an understanding of what sustainability is, illustrate its relevance and discuss how Reps can capture what is of importance to students. We will find ways to present this to programme teachers to explore how sustainability can be taught and in ways that inspire students to want to learn and engage in these issues. Programme Reps who attend this initiative will be able to use their roles to make a real difference, that improves the quality and relevance to our teaching, inspires and engages our students to become more engaged learners. Students will become better informed taking more responsibility for sustainability in their lifestyles and make the big changes the world needs through their careers.

Love sustainability and have worked hard to make a change? You could be nominated (and win!) at our SLTA awards as a Sustainability Champion.